Would You Like to Race a Supercar? – You Can in Las Vegas

Racing a supercar, that sounds rather expensive, does it not? Well, if you count in that you need to buy a supercar, see whether it is road-ready, then check whether it is race-ready, fix all the things needed, change the tires and hope that you don’t crash or get caught for speeding, yes, it sums up to a lot of money.

People are aware of this and in Las Vegas, a solution came up.

ExoticsRacing – A Way to Supercar Racing

ExoticsRacing is a company which offers you to race supercars in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. You can schedule to drive one car of more cars, depending on how many you want to rent. You can rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Acura, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Aston Martin and even race cars and go karts should you feel that the supercars are a bit too much for you.

Driving on a Racetrack – Is Experience Needed?

Experience is of course, mandatory, but the level of experience is not essential as all cars are automatics so there is no clutch involved. Most of the cars have paddle shifters, so have that in mind.

You need a valid driver’s licence and a minimum age of 18. You have to attend a technical briefing in order to understand everything you need to know about your car, including braking, horsepower, steering techniques, the proper seating position and accelerating.

An instructor will be with you at all times during your race. You can race for a minimum of 5 laps and a maximum of 60 laps. 

All the Details You Need to Know

You can register your date of racing up front, and even pay in installments. You do have to pay the full sum before your racing day. Insurance and all the safety equipment are required. You will have an instructor with you at all times. You can bring friends and family but they can only ride along in specific vehicles and if they meet an age criteria.

There is a cafeteria on site and you can order food and drinks. Alcohol is forbidden at ExoticsRacing. You cannot wear sandals or high-heels. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

There are weight and height restrictions but they are based on the car model and are flexible. If you feel uncomfortable in one car, you will be assisted with choosing another exotic, provided that it is available at the time.

If you want to race a supercar and are around Las Vegas or Los Angeles, you can do so provided that you are at least 18 and have a valid driver’s licence, domestic or international.