What Is Motorcycle Yoga

Motorcycles date back to the late 19th century, and over the years some people have perfected riding these vehicles to the point where they can do it in all different kinds of ways. But we are not here to talk about Evel Knievel and his performances of jumping over long distances. Instead, we will be focusing motorcycle yoga and how it can help you become a better driver.

General Benefits of Yoga For Bikers

You can drive your motorcycle even if you’re not that fit. You just need to know how to ride it and to be good at keeping balance. However, if you are planning to spend a lot of time on your bike, you will need plenty of strength and flexibility. This is where yoga comes in. It can help you benefit by doing some regular exercises and making your body stronger. Yoga can also reduce muscle tightness and prevent potential injuries to the body. To put it simply, yoga can help your body be more resistant to the uncomfortable posture of motorcycle riding.

Balance, Strength, and Flexibility

There are many classic yoga exercises that can help you become a more relaxed bike driver. By generally practicing yoga you will learn to balance your body, and balance is one of the most important things for motorcycle riders. Long hours on your bike can have a negative effect on your spine and back, and yoga is great for strengthening your core stability. Warrior and Chair are just some of the yoga poses that can help you with this. Another important aspect of bike riding is flexibility. Classic yoga exercises can help you open your muscles, making your body stretchier.


Every time you sit on your bike you are putting your life at a certain risk. Riding bikes is always dangerous, no matter how skillful you think you are. Your mind can wander off for a minute, and you can crash before knowing it’s happening. The way to keep your risks of crashing to a minimum, you will need to have a sharp focus at all times. Yoga exercises benefit the body just as much as they do the mind. While your body is getting stronger, through various breathing techniques you can get your mind to work better and thus become calmer and focused.

Yoga On A Motorcycle

Some riders have perfected doing yoga while on their bikes. These daredevils have literally mixed the two skills together which makes for some dangerous, but nevertheless interesting and unique stunts you can see all across the internet these days. However, we do not advise you to try any of this stuff on your own.