Motorcycle Games Online

Racing games are a huge part of the gaming industry today. Motorcycle games, specifically, can be found in abundance over the internet. What’s even better, some of them you won’t even have to download in order to play since you can access them right from your browser. It’s just like playing casino games online, only you don’t have to sign up and you don’t get to use a bonus from WinsPark. If you want to kill some time and play a few fun motorcycle games online, here are our top picks.

3D Moto Simulator

A nice little game where you can explore three different maps and choose between three different types of bikes: racing, police, and cross. You can easily switch between bikes at the push of a button, try out several different camera angles, do all kinds of stunts, and also use the nitro. The graphics are not perfect, and you will probably get bored after an hour or so, but it’s nevertheless fun to try out.

Moto Trails

This game is all about balance. Build up your speed and try to complete some well-designed maps full of tricky obstacles. There are a few different versions of this game, like Industry, Offroad, Junkyard, etc. Each game has some unique obstacle courses where you perform stunts while trying to stay on your bike the whole time.

Paper Racer

Retro style two-dimensional games are having a comeback, and Paper Racer is one of them. The stages are designed to look like they’ve been drawn on a blank sheet of paper. By choosing the “career mode” you will need to go through 9 episodes, each filled with a lot of different stages. Even the earlier stages can be difficult to complete at first, but once you learn how to handle the controls you will find them much easier. However, this game is really challenging and will take nerves of steel for you to complete it.

Moto Traffic Rider

Another motorcycle simulation game where you will be put on a racing bike trying to go as fast as you can while avoiding traffic on the road. There are several different bike models, although you will need to unlock them in order to try them out. You can also switch between various maps that will make your driving easier or harder depending on the weather conditions.

Moto X3M

Probably the most popular game on our list that recieved top scores on several online game websites. It’s a simple 2D game, but nevertheless fun and challenging. The goal is to complete the stages by going over various obstacles and performing stunts along the way. You will also need to complete the stages in certain time in order to get the highest ranking. Doing backflips will knock some time of the timer as well. Different bikes and characters can be unlocked as you progress. The physics are truly amazing, and the level design is nothing short of spectacular. The game was so popular that there the designers made two more sequels to it.