Motorcycle Games Online

Racing games are a huge part of the gaming industry today. Motorcycle games, specifically, can be found in abundance over the internet. What’s even better, some of them you won’t even have to download in order to play since you can access them right from your browser. It’s just like playing casino games online, only you don’t have to sign up and you don’t get to use a bonus from WinsPark. If you want to kill some time and play a few fun motorcycle games online, here are our top picks.

3D Moto Simulator

A nice little game where you can explore three different maps and choose between three different types of bikes: racing, police, and cross. You can easily switch between bikes at the push of a button, try out several different camera angles, do all kinds of stunts, and also use the nitro. The graphics are not perfect, and you will probably get bored after an hour or so, but it’s nevertheless fun to try out.

Moto Trails

This game is all about balance. Build up your speed and try to complete some well-designed maps full of tricky obstacles. There are a few different versions of this game, like Industry, Offroad, Junkyard, etc. Each game has some unique obstacle courses where you perform stunts while trying to stay on your bike the whole time.

Paper Racer

Retro style two-dimensional games are having a comeback, and Paper Racer is one of them. The stages are designed to look like they’ve been drawn on a blank sheet of paper. By choosing the “career mode” you will need to go through 9 episodes, each filled with a lot of different stages. Even the earlier stages can be difficult to complete at first, but once you learn how to handle the controls you will find them much easier. However, this game is really challenging and will take nerves of steel for you to complete it.

Moto Traffic Rider

Another motorcycle simulation game where you will be put on a racing bike trying to go as fast as you can while avoiding traffic on the road. There are several different bike models, although you will need to unlock them in order to try them out. You can also switch between various maps that will make your driving easier or harder depending on the weather conditions.

Moto X3M

Probably the most popular game on our list that recieved top scores on several online game websites. It’s a simple 2D game, but nevertheless fun and challenging. The goal is to complete the stages by going over various obstacles and performing stunts along the way. You will also need to complete the stages in certain time in order to get the highest ranking. Doing backflips will knock some time of the timer as well. Different bikes and characters can be unlocked as you progress. The physics are truly amazing, and the level design is nothing short of spectacular. The game was so popular that there the designers made two more sequels to it.

Motosports Museums

The first official competitive motorsport races date all the way back to the late nineteenth century. By being present for over 120 years, motorsports grew to have their driver legends, famous vehicles, tracks, and much more stuff recorded in history and put into museums all across the globe. So if you’re a diehard motorsports fan, here are some of the more famous museums of this kind that you can feel free to visit.

Automotive Hall of Fame (USA)

Founded in 1939, this American museum is one of the oldest of its kind in the world. It is located in Detroit, Michigan, and apart from being a museum, it has a list of over 800 Hall-of-Famers inducted from 1967 to today. It started as a group called the “Automotive Old Timers”, giving honors to the pioneers of the industry from all over the world. It had two name changes before finally becoming the “Automotive Hall of Fame” in the 1970s. The museum is filled with cars, driver statues, murals, and other artwork representing the history of the sport and automotive industry in general.

Grand Prix Museum (China)

Grand Prix is considered the first organized automotive racing event that was held in 1894 in France. This is by far the event which has the richest history when it comes to competitive racing. The Grand Prix Museum is located in the autonomous region of Macau, China, and it’s been opened since 1993. Inside the museum, you can see many racing vehicles being on display from the earliest models of cars, to the modern Formula 1 vehicles. There are also bikes, racing suits, car engines, photos from the events, and much more.

Museum of the 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)

24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most unique racing events in the world. It’s an endurance competition lasting for a full day, being driven around the “Circuit de la Sarthe”. Naturally, since the first race was held in 1924, this event has its own museum located in the city of Le Man. The rich history of the competition is displayed through works of some of the most famous manufacturers whose cars were a part of the event. This is a great way for visitors to see the evolution and the development of classic racing car models like Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Cadillac, and more.

NASCAR Hall of Fame (USA)

NASCAR is currently the most popular racing event in the United States. Located in Charlotte, NASCAR Hall of Fame is a building constructed of several floors where visitors can enjoy seeing many car models, racing tracks, and other racing artifacts displayed through some great exhibits representing a six-decade history of the sport. Apart from the museum itself, the Hall of Fame honours legends of the sport and has over 50 inductees so far.

National Motor Racing Museum (Australia)

Located in Bathurst, New South Wales, this museum represents the history of the Australian motorsports culture. On display, you can take a look at many of the famous Australian cars, motorbikes, and other racing artifacts. In front of the building, you can also see a statue of Peter Brock, a legendary Australian driver who died tragically in the Targa West rally in 2006.

Le Mans Betting

When people talk about motorsports first things that come to their mind are probably Formula 1 or MotoGP, but not that many know about the Le Mans racing. And even fewer people think of betting on such races mostly because they prefer some more popular sports or just regular casino games, the likes of which are offered on

The most interesting part about this category are the vehicles, called the Le Mans Prototypes. It is a closed-wheel vehicle with all the mechanical car elements incorporated.

These vehicles are nothing like their NASCAR and Formula 1 counterparts, because not only is the design different, but it uses electric motors that upgrade acceleration as well, making it a type of a hybrid car.

LMP vehicles are used in several different championships and events such as:

  •        WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
  •        Asian Le Mans
  •        European Le Mans Series
  •        FIA World Endurance Championship
  •        24 Hours of Le Mans

The sport requires high focus and extreme physical strength. The professionals who dare give a shot to the 24 Hour event deserve nothing but respect and admiration.

24 Hours of Le Mans

Even though each league has its fan base, the event that draws most of the attention is 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The title pretty much explains what it’s about, but just to clarify, LMP cars race for 24 hours. It is considered to be the oldest sports car race in the endurance racing category that is still active. It is an annual event and has been held ever since 1923.

Even though the cars are designed and produced by some of the best engineers in the world, not all the vehicles manage to finish the race. In 2018 only 41 out of 60 racers that qualified managed to endure all 24 hours.

This event is watched by millions of people from all over the world each year and anyone can place a bet on their favorite driver. A very popular option is to guess whether the driver is going to stay in the race for its entirety or whether the constructor will have all the drivers active until the end.

Bet On Le Mans Races

Even though it is not the most popular sport in the world, Le Mans can still be found in hundreds of online casinos and bookies. Unfortunately, not all of them are up-to-date with the events, so make sure to find the one that actively updates their lists.

Even those that do not have the category specifically for these races will promote the 24 Hour “marathon”, so always check if the bookie you are a regular member of has done it in the past, and be on the lookout for the next year.

Some of the greatest Formula 1 and NASCAR racers compete in these events, which is why these draw most of the attention. Fernando Alonso took the win with the Toyota Gazoo Racing in 2018 with 388 laps and the total distance of 5286.888 kilometers completed.

Each driver’s performance is extremely important, but it is the team final score that counts, which makes the sport even more interesting. There are also individual podiums though.

Why You Should Know the Parts of the Vehicle You Drive

When they were first invented, cars were not very complicated. Of course, they were thought of as sci-fi technology but they were actually quite simple. Today, cars are becoming more and more complicated as more and more high-tech parts are put inside.

Even so, some things never change, so there is no excuse not to know the basic things about the parts of your vehicle. This will save you a lot of money from visiting mechanics and allow you to take better care and understand the machine you drive a lot better.

Save Money on Mechanics

If you know absolutely nothing about the vehicle you drive, even the tiniest thing that needs to be done on it will seem like rocket science to you. You would need to take the car to a mechanic for something that would have taken you minutes or half an hour to do. These simple interventions are usually not cheap, so you might end up paying a hundred dollars for something that you could have easily done yourself.

Take Better Care of Your Vehicle

By knowing the parts of the vehicle you drive, you will understand better how they need to work. This will allow you to notice when something is off and to take the necessary actions to fix it. You can read a lot about the basic parts of your car online and quickly pick up the basics. This knowledge will allow you to know when the oil needs replacing when the tires need more air, and when you should immediately take the car to the mechanic.

Develop a Passion and Help Others

Learning about car parts has many practical benefits. However, cars are intricate machines and it is very interesting to figure out how each part of the puzzle fits in and adds to the bigger picture. We can often see how cool car mechanics can be in Hollywood movies, and trust us, that is not far from the truth. Remember how your parents see you as a tech God when you simply restart the router? The same thing will happen when you show off your basic car knowledge since people generally know very little about the vehicles they have.

Moreover, look at it from an altruistic viewpoint. You will be able to help a friend in distress and possibly save them hundreds of dollars that they would spend on a mechanic’s bill.

Become a Better Driver

By learning how your vehicle operates, you will definitely be able to use it much more efficiently. Race drivers do not just know how to drive, they also know every single detail of the car they drive. That is a big part of why they are so good on the track – they know how each part works, so they know how to use it and what to expect from it. The same translates to everyday freeway driving and brings many benefits.

Motorsports Betting Tips

Motorsports betting provides a huge variety of races, all more exciting than online bingo, as it includes MotoGP, NASCAR, Formula 1, and other leagues. The first competitive motorsport race ever took place back in 1894, when a French newspaper arranged the now-famous Paris-Rouen route. Motorized vehicles made their first appearance at the Olympics in 1900, even though it was for demonstration purposes only.

Throughout the years, the sport developed along with the technology, which provided more powerful engines and safer races. Nowadays we can enjoy magnificent cornering skills of automobile drivers or lightning speeds on F1 and MotoGP tracks.

How To Place Bets

First of all, it is important to understand how the betting system works and what are your options. When it comes to motorsports betting, there is no 1, x and 2 system like in other sports such as basketball or football and gamblers are, in most cases, left with one or two choices to go with.

With one option bets, gamblers can put their money on:

  •        The winner
  •        The fastest lap holder
  •        The exact or an estimate place of a racer

This system is very easy to understand and use, but be careful and always double check the player you have picked. However, even if you made a mistake, some bookies allow refunds.

The second version is pretty similar and will most likely require gamblers to choose between yes or no. For example: “Is Lewis Hamilton going to win a podium place for his team?”.

Just like with any other bet, odds increase side by side with the risk level, which is why some people like the underdog strategy. There are chances that one of the underdogs may finish in one of the top three places, and chasing the bet might bring in some profits to you. Going with the favorites is always the safest way to do it, so go with the most convenient strategy and adjust it to your preference.

Where To Bet

Some of the most popular online bookies in the world have been introducing motorsports betting in the past few years. Even though it still isn’t the most popular category in land-based bookies, the interest for this sport is growing, so is the opportunity to offer motorsports content to its fans, as well as to expand the motorsport industry overall.

There are a few things to always look for when searching for a new online bookie:

  •        Bonus Offers
  •        Event Coverage
  •        Regulations and licences
  •        Ratings

Hearing people’s first-hand experience about a bookie is sometimes the best policy. If the majority of feedback comments is negative, there is no reason to overlook that fact.

You want to be safe and stress-free when it comes to online gambling. If the website is licensed and regulated by a trustworthy authority, there is nothing to worry about, whilst shady and unregulated places should be avoided.

Bonuses & Promotions

If there is an opportunity to get the chance to spend more money than you have originally invested, why wouldn’t you use it? Or even better, what if there was a way for you to gamble for real money without actually spending any?

Well, all of that is possible thanks to generous bonus offers. In order to get free cash, look for the no deposit bonuses, where all you have to do is sign-up.

Welcome or first deposit bonuses are a great way to get started as well, as you can double, triple or even quadruple your investment.

Keep in mind that all additions and promotions have both in and out requirements, meaning that they are amount or time limited, so make sure to go through T&C before doing anything else.