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Would You Like to Race a Supercar? – You Can in Las Vegas

Racing a supercar, that sounds rather expensive, does it not? Well, if you count in that you need to buy a supercar, see whether it is road-ready, then check whether it is race-ready, fix all the things needed, change the tires and hope that you don’t crash or get caught for speeding, yes, it sums up to a lot of money.

People are aware of this and in Las Vegas, a solution came up.

ExoticsRacing – A Way to Supercar Racing

ExoticsRacing is a company which offers you to race supercars in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. You can schedule to drive one car of more cars, depending on how many you want to rent. You can rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Acura, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Aston Martin and even race cars and go karts should you feel that the supercars are a bit too much for you.

Driving on a Racetrack – Is Experience Needed?

Experience is of course, mandatory, but the level of experience is not essential as all cars are automatics so there is no clutch involved. Most of the cars have paddle shifters, so have that in mind.

You need a valid driver’s licence and a minimum age of 18. You have to attend a technical briefing in order to understand everything you need to know about your car, including braking, horsepower, steering techniques, the proper seating position and accelerating.

An instructor will be with you at all times during your race. You can race for a minimum of 5 laps and a maximum of 60 laps. 

All the Details You Need to Know

You can register your date of racing up front, and even pay in installments. You do have to pay the full sum before your racing day. Insurance and all the safety equipment are required. You will have an instructor with you at all times. You can bring friends and family but they can only ride along in specific vehicles and if they meet an age criteria.

There is a cafeteria on site and you can order food and drinks. Alcohol is forbidden at ExoticsRacing. You cannot wear sandals or high-heels. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

There are weight and height restrictions but they are based on the car model and are flexible. If you feel uncomfortable in one car, you will be assisted with choosing another exotic, provided that it is available at the time.

If you want to race a supercar and are around Las Vegas or Los Angeles, you can do so provided that you are at least 18 and have a valid driver’s licence, domestic or international.

Tips on How to Watch Formula 1 Live

Going to your first Formula 1 race? You have no idea what to expect other than really fast cars driving around, racing? If you love to bet on US Open and watch tennis, for example, you don’t need much protection. However, when it comes to Formula 1, it’s not that easy – there are some things which you should consider before just rushing off and taking your seat. Formula 1 races can be a lot of things, including fun. Being prepared never hurts and in this case, it might save you from a couple of inconveniences.

Earplugs – Sometimes a Must Have

Earplugs are sometimes obligatory when going to a Formula 1 race. This is because sometimes, the cars can be really loud. It all depends on the racecourse, the cars being used there, the year and stage of development. Many factors go into the level of noise you will experience and since the engines are revving all the time, with very high RPMs, you should consider bringing earplugs, just in case. They are small and can fit into your pocket with ease.

Bring a Pair of Headphones and a Radio

A radio isn’t really necessary, considering that you probably own a smartphone but having any device that can access the local radio is recommended. Headphones should be self-explanatory, as most phones cannot access the radio application without the headphones plugged in, which serve as an antenna, among other things.

Sometimes, in-ear headphones can do the trick but if the race is going to be loud, then you will need some over-ear noise cancelling headphones. The purpose of these is to tune into the local radio and listen to the commentary. Formula 1 races are so much better with the commentary.

StOck Up on Food and Drink

When you take your seat and the race starts, you will most likely not want to leave it. Buy food and drink prior to taking your seat and make sure that you have enough. Do not overdrink as you might end up having to run to the bathroom, meaning you will miss parts of the race.

Some say that you should buy your own food and bring it with you, as it can get really expensive to buy food at the racetrack. This should go without saying, simply because food is always more expensive at events like these.

Interact with Other Fans

You should really take this chance to interact with other fans. The odds are that they will be more experienced than you and that you can learn a thing or two about Formula 1 from them. Likewise, you can also find more friends this way, people you can go to other races with, at a later time.

Bring Sun Protection (If it’s Day Time)

You will want to have some sun protection if it is day time during the race. The racetracks are often open and exposed to the sun, so having a pair of sunglasses and a hat will not hurt you, but on the contrary, save you from a nasty sunburn.

These are some of the things you should consider before going to your first Formula 1 race.

How to Make the Most of Visiting the Monaco Grand Prix

Off to your first Monaco Grand Prix? Yes, this is one of the iconic racetracks and there are a lot of opinions about it. Some are pretty good while others are terrible. All in all, if you are a Formula 1 fan, you cannot miss out on the Monaco Grand Prix, even though it wouldn’t be a really nice venue to visit as your first one ever. Just like all the football fans have to visit the Wembley stadium once in their life, the fans of Formula 1 need to see this magnificent event.

However, once you see a couple of racetracks and witness Formula 1 live, the Monaco Grand Prix becomes one of the better destinations in the Formula 1 world. Here are the things that you can do to get the best out of visiting the Grand Prix

Find the View that Suits You

Finding a good place to watch the racetrack can be challenging if you are short on money. There are so many good places where you can watch the race, yet they cost a lot of money, you can pay upwards of 100,000 euros if you charter a yacht to get near the racetrack and provide you with a great view, and as little as 40 euros if you go to the La Rocher. Finding the right view is really essential here, as the track has its curves and straights and some places offer only a partial view of the track, something to have in mind.

Finding the right view should be judged by the size of your wallet and the plans you have after the Grand Prix is over.

Monaco is a Lovely City

If you came to Monaco only for the Grand Prix, you are missing out on a lot of history, lovely scenery and some really fine dining. Monaco has loads of things to see, from the Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection to the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, an event which will eventually feature the vintage cars racing again. There are plenty of sights in the city, should you with to see them.

The Logistics of the Grand Prix

Everything will be splendid in Monaco if you have a lot of money. Staying in Monaco costs a lot, even on a budget. People have found different ways of saving money while still visiting the Grand Prix. Some prefer staying in Monaco and purchasing cheaper tickets and having the convenience of being in the city. Others prefer staying in the nearby Nice and traveling to the circuit on race days. Public transport can be used and it is relatively cheap. This way, people save money to spend either on visiting sights in Monaco or on buying a better ticket for the Grand Prix.

Prepare for a Warm Day

Since the event takes place on the Mediterranean, the climate is likely to be hot, as it is almost every year. Since it is usually pretty hot, you should prepare standard sun protection in the shape of a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. There is a small chance that you might see rain, as it often comes from the sea, but that is something to hope for, while preparing yourself for a really hot day.

The Grand Prix in Monaco is a must visit for any fans of Formula 1. While it should not be your first Formula 1 race you attend in person, it should definitely make your list as it is one of the iconic racetracks, despite the diverse opinions on it.

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle

So, you’ve realized that you love motorcycles and that you want to start riding. You’ve gotten your driver’s license and passed all of the necessary tests. You start looking at bikes to buy and you realize that the choice is simply overwhelming. Where do you begin?

We completely understand you. This is a gross overgeneralization, but there are two types of riders out there – those who know their bikes well and those who have no idea what they’re doing. Assuming that you are in the second group, we’re writing a guide to show you where to begin and how to choose the right motorcycle for you.

Why Do You Need a Bike?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself when you decide to get a bike. You need to know the exact purpose and what the bike will be used for. There are many different types of bikes out there, so getting a wrong one would make for a really unpleasant experience down the road.

It’s definitely a bad idea to get a 2000cc monster when a tiny 50cc scooter is better suited for your city-dwelling needs. Moreover, if you’re planning to ride across the country or enter Paris-Dakar rally, that little 50cc scooter will not do the deed.

Learn About Different Types of Bikes

If you are still unsure of what you will use your bike for, a good place to start is to learn all you can about different types of bikes. This will give you a good idea of what is possible to do on a motorcycle and maybe give you some ideas about how you would like to spend your biking time.

The most popular types of bikes are small scooters, cruisers, touring bikes, ADVs, sports bikes, naked bikes, off-road bikes, and so on.

Take Small Steps and Know Your Limits

It is probably not a very good idea for your first bike to be a large and powerful sports bike. First of all, you need experience and the confidence to ride it safely and avoid being hurt. Secondly, these bikes are very expensive to maintain and the insurance premiums are usually much higher for these types of bikes.

Moreover, many insurance companies completely refuse to provide insurance to novice riders who bought a sports bike as their first bike. You need to have track records on smaller bikes first.

Set a Budget

Another good course of action to choose the best bike for yourself is to set a budget and buy something within that budget . Motorcycles can cost several hundred dollars or they can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s up to you how much you want to spend.

However, if you are buying your first bike, it is best to remain frugal and buy a cheaper bike first. Many experienced riders advise on buying a used bike first, which we agree is a good idea.

How to Start Racing Cars and Motorcycles

You might know how to ride a car and a motorcycle, it’s not difficult – almost everybody can do it. You might even think that you are very good at it. However, riding a race car or a race motorcycle is a completely different ballpark. It takes a completely different set of skills to endure the g-force and prevent your vehicle from going off the track.

Once you try racing and you see the appeal of it, you will want to get racer education in order to take your personal racing potential to the max and use your car’s or bike’s performance to their ultimate limit.

Driver’s Education

Participating in a racing school has multiple benefits. Apart from teaching you the proper techniques for riding fast, efficiently, and safely, it also gives you an opportunity to earn a racing license. Just because you are able to drive your car or bike 150 MPH on a desolate freeway does not mean that you are Ayrton Senna. You should learn how to corner properly, how to brake, how and when to accelerate, and so much more.

Learn the String Rule

The string rule is probably the first thing you are going to be taught when you enter a racing school. It is more closely related to car racing but the whole idea can be translated to bike racing as well.

You should imagine that there is an imaginary string tied to your steering wheel and your gas pedal. The more you turn your wheels to the side, the less you will be able to press the gas pedal. That’s the whole idea of it. Decelerate in corners and accelerate on the straights if you want to stay on the track.

Learn How to Brake

When you’re practicing to get your regular driver’s license, you told not to brake hard. Instead, you are told to anticipate when the braking is going to be necessary and take enough time to decelerate. Braking when you’re racing is completely counter-intuitive.

When racing, you should brake hard just before the corner and engage your brakes up to 80-90% of their potential. As you are going through the corner, you should release the brakes gradually and accelerate when you’re out. This will give you more control and let you corner more efficiently.

Don’t Let Go

By not letting go, we mean the steering wheel. You should grab your steering wheel at 9 and 3 o’clock and forget about the hand-over-hand maneuver. Never let go of the steering wheel unless you need to change the gear or use the handbrake. It’s tough to get used to it in the beginning but you soon realize the benefits.