The Most Important Racing Equipment and Accessories

If you are planning to start racing on a motorcycle, of course, the most important thing to own is a motorcycle. However, a motorcycle might not end up as the most expensive piece of racing equipment that you need to buy. All of the necessary racing accessories and other pieces of equipment that you have to buy might end up even more expensive.

However, they are indispensable and important for your safety, so read on carefully to find out what they are!

Summer and Winter Jacket

A racing jacket is definitely one of the most important things that you can buy for your safety and comfort. If you plan to race in all weathers and during all seasons, it is a good idea to buy both a summer and a winter jacket.

First of all, a summer jacket will feel hot when you stop at a traffic light, that cannot be escaped. However, summer jackets have a mesh that allows air to flow around your body, so it will keep you safe and cool while riding.

A winter jacket is much thicker, with a warmer lining. You can choose either leather or a synthetic material if you want to be kind to the animals. Whatever you choose, get a bike-specific option as it will give you the most protection.


Gloves are also an important piece of equipment as they will protect your hands which are often the first to make contact with the ground during a fall. Moreover, they give you a better grip, so you will feel more confident while racing.

Elbow and Shoulder Armor

Most jackets that you buy will come with elbow and shoulder armor. However, they are often not high-quality armor pads, so you should consider replacing them. Make sure that the ones you buy meet Europe’s CE safety ratings. These are used in the US as well since they do not have their own.


We just cannot emphasize enough how important a good-quality pair of motorcycle pants is. Hollywood movies might tell you that riding in a pair of jeans or a pair of commercial leather pants is cool or enough to protect you. However, the reality is different. Make sure you buy pants that were specially made for motorcycle racing. The best option is to choose a model that is lined with Kevlar or go for Cordura textile pants.

Knee Armor

When you’re buying a pair of pants, make sure that they let you insert knee armor pads. High-end motorcycle pants will have specially designed pockets created especially for this purpose. They are designed from special EVO X material which molds around your body as it gets heated for added comfort and safety.


Last but not least, never ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet! This is definitely the most important piece of safety equipment, which is why we have left it for the end. It will protect your head in a fall but it will also protect your eyes and your face from flies, bugs, or foreign objects that might come in your direction while riding.

Make sure that the helmet you buy meets the official safety standards, which get an update once in five years. Also, replace your helmet after five years in use, as it starts losing its protective properties after that period of time.