The Best Motorsports Video Games

Racing video games have always been interesting, almost as much as the best betting sites. People love everything from rally racing, Formula 1 to street races often seen in the Need for Speed series. Regardless, the racing genre is well-saturated and in a better place than most other genres. Here are some of the best racing games of 2019.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza is doing a wonderful job with its Horizon series, making tons of content with licensed cars that will have any car lover screaming with joy as they eventually purchase their childhood hero car. On the other hand, the cars drive like they are supposed to and react to various weather changes.

In Forza Horizon 4, you go to the British Isles and can race your way through all of it, from the Highlands to the Lake District and even some very iconic villages. Since the seasons are very vivid in Britain, so they are in the game, every season changing the way your car behaves when you step on and off the road, not to mention adding snow, ice or even rain to the mixture. Master your car and terrain and you might even break a couple of records.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Eh, this is where things get complicated for casual racing game drivers. Dirt Rally 2.0 is a game where you need to listen to the calls of your co-driver and if you do not know how to follow them, you will end up meeting a tree up close and personal. Oh yes, damage can be turned on and you can completely wreck your car. You might end up towing it to the finish line, as stated in the Fast and the Furious, the first part.

But, if you want an actual rally game which mimics the physics of the real thing, then there is not a better alternative out there. The game is also great looking, among other things.

Shift 2

One of the best things this game has to offer is a dynamic first-person camera. You know how you drive and the camera is always fixed. Yes, that helps the developers immensely but really makes things strange for the driver. You are not really in a fixed position all the time and you often move your head when taking a turn. Well, Shift 2 makes this happen, adjusting the camera as you take turns.

This game is also one of the few that compromises between a realistic experience and something beginners cherish, fun and ease of use. You feel like you are going to crash but somehow you do not, compared to Dirt Rally 2.0, where you always crash.

F1 2018

This is one of the most interesting games you can play if you like Formula 1 games. It’s a great game for any Formula 1 fan, just like almost any version of the F1 series. This one being the newest one, should serve you well until the next one arrives. You will definitely feel like you are racing, especially from the first-person mode. The cars are all licensed and the career mode is very immersive.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

The new games may have the graphics, but Most Wanted, the original one, had the guts. The game is still memorable to any race lover, especially as you get chased by the police and rammed into walls. The physics might not be the best, nor the cars’ handling, but the game is fun embodied.

These are some of the best motorsport games you can play today. They are all either realistic or fun, or both, for the experienced gamers.

The Most Famous Hot Rod Races

Hot rods race in a single line and accelerate a very, very fast pace. They are the fastest drag racing vehicles, sanctioned by the government and regulating bodies, of course. The sport is very fast and loud and the races do not really last as long as you might hope.

There are different categories of cars and they are the top fuel, funny car and pro stock.

The top fuel cars are the fastest accelerating of the 3 and they can go as fast as 330 miles per hours which is 531 km/h. That is really fast.

The funny car vehicles are slower in acceleration and can go as fast as their counterparts.

The pro stock cars are stock cars with lots of addons, well, they resemble stock cars. They have to use regular fuel, unlike top fuel cars.

They are all drag racing vehicles. Drag racing is really popular and here are the most famous races.

NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series

The NHRA is the National Hot Rod Association and it is situated in the United States and it is the regulating body for all things related to drag racing in the United States and Canada.

Their Mello Yello Drag Racing Series is the top tier of drag racing competition in the United States and Canada.

The Mello Yello series is divided into 7 division, based on geographical locations. Each of these divisions has lots of races. The divisions are the North East, South East, North, South and West Central, and North West, and Pacific.

Once they qualify to be in the Mello Yello series, drivers score points after each race. In the end, the driver with the most points, wins for their category.

There are many categories of drag racing vehicles, the Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle, Top Alcohol Dragster, Super Comp, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Comp, Stock, Super Stock, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, and Pro Mod.

The race events last for an entire day, actually, a weekend. Qualifications are on Friday and Saturday and elimination rounds on Sunday.

The races last for a short time, but there are plenty of them so you can stay the entire day. It is quite a treat for loves of fast vehicles, mods and loud, actually, very loud engines.

There are other levels of competition regulated by the NHRA, like the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, and the NHRA Summit Series. Lovers of drag racing will have nothing to worry about if they are planning on visiting the US.

In Australia, the ANDRA Pro Series is the top tier of drag racing and in Europe, the FIA organizes a championship of its own.

Tips on How to Watch Formula 1 Live

Going to your first Formula 1 race? You have no idea what to expect other than really fast cars driving around, racing? If you love to bet on US Open and watch tennis, for example, you don’t need much protection. However, when it comes to Formula 1, it’s not that easy – there are some things which you should consider before just rushing off and taking your seat. Formula 1 races can be a lot of things, including fun. Being prepared never hurts and in this case, it might save you from a couple of inconveniences.

Earplugs – Sometimes a Must Have

Earplugs are sometimes obligatory when going to a Formula 1 race. This is because sometimes, the cars can be really loud. It all depends on the racecourse, the cars being used there, the year and stage of development. Many factors go into the level of noise you will experience and since the engines are revving all the time, with very high RPMs, you should consider bringing earplugs, just in case. They are small and can fit into your pocket with ease.

Bring a Pair of Headphones and a Radio

A radio isn’t really necessary, considering that you probably own a smartphone but having any device that can access the local radio is recommended. Headphones should be self-explanatory, as most phones cannot access the radio application without the headphones plugged in, which serve as an antenna, among other things.

Sometimes, in-ear headphones can do the trick but if the race is going to be loud, then you will need some over-ear noise cancelling headphones. The purpose of these is to tune into the local radio and listen to the commentary. Formula 1 races are so much better with the commentary.

StOck Up on Food and Drink

When you take your seat and the race starts, you will most likely not want to leave it. Buy food and drink prior to taking your seat and make sure that you have enough. Do not overdrink as you might end up having to run to the bathroom, meaning you will miss parts of the race.

Some say that you should buy your own food and bring it with you, as it can get really expensive to buy food at the racetrack. This should go without saying, simply because food is always more expensive at events like these.

Interact with Other Fans

You should really take this chance to interact with other fans. The odds are that they will be more experienced than you and that you can learn a thing or two about Formula 1 from them. Likewise, you can also find more friends this way, people you can go to other races with, at a later time.

Bring Sun Protection (If it’s Day Time)

You will want to have some sun protection if it is day time during the race. The racetracks are often open and exposed to the sun, so having a pair of sunglasses and a hat will not hurt you, but on the contrary, save you from a nasty sunburn.

These are some of the things you should consider before going to your first Formula 1 race.

The Indianapolis 500 – A Very Fast Race

People have heard of famous races like the Monaco Grand Prix and almost any race related to Formula 1, as it is one of the most popular auto racing. People have heard of the Indianapolis 500, but are not sure what it means, at least the people not from the United States.

For the US citizens, it is much more than a race, as it has been since its inception, more than a hundred years ago.

The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race

This is its full name, yet it is often dubbed the Indy 500, due to it being part of the IndyCar Series, top tier open-wheel racing in the United States and North America as a whole. Its nickname is the Brickyard, due to the track being mostly bricked in 1909.

In 1911, however, it was an event on its own, on asphalt. It has been held annually ever since 1911, around Memorial Day. As of 1974, it is held on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend, which is considered to be the most important day in racing, as more than just one gigantic race is held on that day.

The race itself is a 500 mile, or rather, 800 kilometer race which runs counter-clockwise on the racetrack. The racetrack is oval, or rather, a unique-rounded rectangles, each of the 4 turns being the same size and angle. The rest is a straight line. The track is 2.5 miles or 4 kilometers long. The racers have to complete 200 laps, amounting to the iconic 500 mile number.

The Engines

The cars use engines built by Honda and Chevrolet. These engines are all 2.2 V6 engines, tuned to have anywhere between 550 and 700 horsepower. These are the current engine manufacturers, but many have been present during the 118 years of the race’s existence. The specifications for the engines have changed through the years, leading up to these numbers. These types of cars are arguably the fastest in the racing world, reaching speeds up to 230 miles or 370 kilometers per hour on the Indy 500 racetrack. There have been talks of various records through the years, like the 256 mph or 413 km/h record by Paul Tracy in 1996.


The race is surrounded by tradition, many of which date back to its inception. The pre-race ceremonies include an aerial bomb in 5 or 6 in the morning and in 8 in the morning, the bands perform a march around the track. There are a couple of songs performed in order, an invocation, Taps, America the Beautiful, God Bless America, the national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, and lastly, Back Home Again in Indiana. After that, the starting command is given, sometimes by a grand marshal. The anthem has been sung by various people during the history of the festival, like David Hasselhoff and Steven Tyler.

The post-race ceremonies include driving to Victory Lane to be presented with the Borg-Warner trophy, the trophy of the race since 1936. They are also presented with a bottle of milk, a tradition started by Louis Meyer who asked for it on two occasions after winning the race, in 1933 and 1936.

This is one of the most iconic races of the IndyCar series and regarded sacred in the United States. It is a very important race, enveloped in tradition. The next one will take place on May 26 2019.

How to Make the Most of Visiting the Monaco Grand Prix

Off to your first Monaco Grand Prix? Yes, this is one of the iconic racetracks and there are a lot of opinions about it. Some are pretty good while others are terrible. All in all, if you are a Formula 1 fan, you cannot miss out on the Monaco Grand Prix, even though it wouldn’t be a really nice venue to visit as your first one ever. Just like all the football fans have to visite the Wembley stadium once in their life whether or not they’re betting on their favorite team with a football index referral code, the fans of Formula 1 need to see this magnificent event.

However, once you see a couple of racetracks and witness Formula 1 live, the Monaco Grand Prix becomes one of the better destinations in the Formula 1 world. Here are the things that you can do to get the best out of visiting the Grand Prix

Find the View that Suits You

Finding a good place to watch the racetrack can be challenging if you are short on money. There are so many good places where you can watch the race, yet they cost a lot of money, you can pay upwards of 100,000 euros if you charter a yacht to get near the racetrack and provide you with a great view, and as little as 40 euros if you go to the La Rocher. Finding the right view is really essential here, as the track has its curves and straights and some places offer only a partial view of the track, something to have in mind.

Finding the right view should be judged by the size of your wallet and the plans you have after the Grand Prix is over.

Monaco is a Lovely City

If you came to Monaco only for the Grand Prix, you are missing out on a lot of history, lovely scenery and some really fine dining. Monaco has loads of things to see, from the Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection to the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, an event which will eventually feature the vintage cars racing again. There are plenty of sights in the city, should you with to see them.

The Logistics of the Grand Prix

Everything will be splendid in Monaco if you have a lot of money. Staying in Monaco costs a lot, even on a budget. People have found different ways of saving money while still visiting the Grand Prix. Some prefer staying in Monaco and purchasing cheaper tickets and having the convenience of being in the city. Others prefer staying in the nearby Nice and traveling to the circuit on race days. Public transport can be used and it is relatively cheap. This way, people save money to spend either on visiting sights in Monaco or on buying a better ticket for the Grand Prix.

Prepare for a Warm Day

Since the event takes place on the Mediterranean, the climate is likely to be hot, as it is almost every year. Since it is usually pretty hot, you should prepare standard sun protection in the shape of a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. There is a small chance that you might see rain, as it often comes from the sea, but that is something to hope for, while preparing yourself for a really hot day.

The Grand Prix in Monaco is a must visit for any fans of Formula 1. While it should not be your first Formula 1 race you attend in person, it should definitely make your list as it is one of the iconic racetracks, despite the diverse opinions on it.